MO’ Cowbell

My oldest son isn’t really interested in exercise.  So signing up for the MO’ Cowbell was originally going to be a son/dad effort.  His first attempt at running.  We started on the Ease into 5K.  For various reasons it didn’t go well.

I took him for a 3 mile walk a couple of weeks before the race.  He got through it but stopped several times and complained of his feet hurting.  I was very nervous about how race day would go.

My own training had been going well.  My fastest training pace was 8:00.  But my last two easy runs leading up to the race were terrible.  An easy 3 on Friday didn’t feel that easy.  And what was suppose to be another easy 3 on Saturday turned into a slow and sore 1 mile jog.

The night of the race didn’t go well either.  A weird phone call woke me from a dead sleep.  Then, around 2 am, the youngest was running a fever.

So, with little sleep, a couple of bad runs and an undertrained teenager we headed out at 6am to St. Charles for the MO’Cowbell.

12039671_10206507002887127_3626480300493566164_nIt was chilly as we wandered around the runners village.  We dropped off our gear at the gear check (I brought way more than I needed), took some pictures with the big cowbell, then headed over to watch the marathoners and 1/2 marathoners take off.

In a little bit we started lining up for the 5K.  My son headed toward the back with the walkers and I made my way toward the front.  I had a goal for under 25 minutes, but with my last runs and knee pain I was worried about how it would go.

The gun sounded and off we went.  There was a little bit of working around the crowd at the beginning but soon it was clear and just about getting and keeping my pace.

I ended up finishing at 24:09, 7:47 pace.  I also found out that the Nike+ app was very accurate as it gave me the exact same reading.

We had set a goal together for my son to be less than an hour.  He finished in 48:11.  But more than anything, he had fun.  He said he did a combination or walking, running, and skipping.  Maybe being in the race will instill the fun of exercise in him more than I could have on my own.

Thank you MO’ Cowbell for a great morning.  See you next year, maybe for the marathon.



My Story

I wasn’t an athletic kid, but I was skinny.

May 2014: Weight – 222, Body Fat – 29.4, BMI – 30.1 March 2015: Weight – 178.5, Body Fat – 13.6, BMI – 24.2

Then add age, marriage, children and all of a sudden I wasn’t so skinny.  At age 45 I was on medication for high cholesterol and in danger of being medicated for high blood pressure.

I realized I needed to make a change.  I started working with a trainer, changed my diet and general started adapting more healthy habits. It wasn’t fast, but slowly I started losing weight and getting more athletic.

As part of that I started running.  I didn’t enjoy it at first, but I did it.  Eventually something changed I actually started to enjoy running. I started increasing my millage and increasing my goals.

I look forward to what the future has to offer.

June 29, 2015

Bridge to 10K -Week 4 – Day 1

Distance – 6.49MI

Average Pace – 09:58


I don’t know how people ran before iPods/iPhones.  I know there was the walkman but you would have to flip the cassette over.  And discman, but you couldn’t jiggle it too much of the disc would skip.

And I guess there are some people who run without music.  I don’t understand those people.